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Clip N Dip Grooming and Boarding-Photo Gallery

Some of Our Most Amazing Makeovers

At Clip N Dip Grooming and Boarding we take great pride in making your dog look it's best. Over the years we have seen some of Rochester's most incredible transformations. We hope you enjoy the photos, and encourage dog owners everywhere to have them groomed regularly. Your dog will love you for it!


This is a cute little Shelty named George. As you can see, he has very long, thick hair which is really hot in the summer. Although he admits he feels a bit naked, he said he is much cooler now. This type of summer cut makes it much easier to control ticks and fleas also.
This is our buddy Rigs. He has been a regular aroung here for about three years. Notice how much more confident he looks in the second picture. Dogs seem to know that they look good after being groomed.
This is Buster. He is a one year old Schnoodle, which is a combination of a Schnauzer and a Poodle. He is a very nice boy who says he feels much hipper with his new haircut.
Meet Hogan, he is a Golden Doodle and one of my favorite dogs we groom at Clip and Dip. This breed has the most laid back and friendly personality you could imagine. If you are looking for a great family dog that is good with kids, you won't go wrong with a Golden Doodle.
Oliver is a very nice Schnauzer we recently groomed. He is only a year old, but is very well behaved. He's very cute, and a real cuddler!
This is Winston, the cutest little Schnauzer ever! He is only 4 months old, and like his older brother, he is also very well behaved. I really like his unique color.
This is Phoebie's first hair cut. She did really well for a rookie. She feels great and says she looks forward to her next day at the Clip & Dip Spa.

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